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The Studio Edge 101 - Planning A Recording Studio.
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    Jim recommends using gear that will ___________.

  • 2

    To dial in a control room's sound, ________ techniques all need to be incorporated to keep the room sounding balanced.

  • 3

    NRC ratings calculate the _____ of frequency bands of a material, those bands being ________.

  • 4

    An ideal room with minimal room node buildup would look ________ in shape and size.

  • 5

    The role of absorption in a recording space is to...

  • 6

    ________ are the three most important non-audio related features of your control room.

  • 7

    The purpose of diffusion is to...

  • 8

    Kinesthetic people work best when ___________.

  • 9

    In the course, the trainer recommends treating _____ of a typical live room, while vocal booths may utilize _____ treatment.

  • 10

    Bass frequencies are difficult to isolate because...

  • 11

    Because of the frequency ranges of the sound sources and the way they are miked, large iso booths should be utilized in recording ________, while smaller booths can be used for ________ if needed.

  • 12

    Converting an existing room to a studio is a good option for...

  • 13

    Decoupling a room is essentially...

  • 14

    For most studios, a control room with a _____ in front of the engineer and a _____ behind the engineer will yield controlled, natural results.

  • 15

    Early reflections tend to dissipate...

  • 16

    The RT-60 value of a small room would be ________ than a large hall because ________.

  • 17

    Using layers of varying materials when building a wall improves isolation because...

The Studio Edge 101
Planning A Recording Studio
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