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Studio Concepts 501 - Gear and the Physics of Sound.
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  • 1

    The higher the quality of _____, the less of a _____ at that frequency, which yields a better representation of the sound.

  • 2

    ________ can be applied to a delay to create multiple repetitions of the initial signal that fade over time.

  • 3

    A High Pass filter will ________, while a Low Pass filter will ________.

  • 4

    Since the ________ of the microphone will impact its sound, the ________ can be used as a sound-shaping effect.

  • 5

    Compressors with a ratio between ____ and ____ are said to be in limiting mode.

  • 6

    On a mixer, busses can be useful when you want to...

  • 7

    Without a coil, the mass of the element in condenser mics is small...

  • 8

    You are mic'ing a guitar cabinet with a cardioid dynamic microphone, and are noticing a large amount of bass buildup. It's best to...

  • 9

    When viewing a visual representation of a sine wave, the vertical axis represents ________, while the horizontal axis represents ________.

  • 10

    If short on inputs or microphones, a _____ mic approach to drum recording (on ________) yields well-rounded results.

  • 11

    The first part of a recording system is...

  • 12

    Your signal path is only as good as...

  • 13

    With cardioid microphones, the further the microphone sits from the sound source...

  • 14

    On a mixer, most Aux sends are...

  • 15

    Single patch bay jacks in isolation mode are useful for _______________.

  • 16

    Dynamic range is the difference between the ________ and ________ in a system.

  • 17

    Dynamic mics are the most ________ since the diaphragm has a heavier weighted mass than other mic types.

  • 18

    MIDI transfers _____, not _____.

  • 19

    Ribbon microphones are used for their...

  • 20

    You can find TS jacks used for _____ or _____.

  • 21

    The difference between flange and phase is the modulated delay in flange ________, while the modulated delay in phase ________.

  • 22

    A set of speakers will sound different to the listener when...

  • 23

    In addition to reducing pops in a vocal recording, placing a singer more than 8" from a directional mic...

  • 24

    The cutoff point of a device is defined by...

  • 25

    The reverberation of a space is dependent on...

Studio Concepts 501
Gear and the Physics of Sound
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