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Valhalla Plugins 101 - Valhalla Plugins Explained and Explored.
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  • 1

    A very large space often creates scattered long reverbs. True or false?

  • 2

    Valhalla Room only uses late reflections. True or false?

  • 3

    Tape delays tend to sound darker than digital delays. True or false?

  • 4

    Ubermod has how many filters?

  • 5

    By rising Diffusion, you can turn a reverb into a delay. True or false?

  • 6

    Valhalla Delay cannot do ping-pong delays. True or false?

  • 7

    Ubermod houses how many LFOs?

  • 8

    Which Valhalla Room control should you turn up to get more reverb?

  • 9

    Valhalla Room's Early Send controls the amount of ____________ sent to the input of the late reverb.

  • 10

    How can you compensate for the extra level using Input Gain when using Ubermod?

  • 11

    Presets are for dummies. True or false?

  • 12

    The Smoothing control in Ubermod's Warp tab goes up to how long?

  • 13

    Shimmer has what color modes?

  • 14

    Shimmer was inspired by which British producer?

  • 15

    How many materials does Valhalla Plate offer?

  • 16

    The first hardware delay that offered ducking was...?

  • 17

    Shimmer starts with dirty sounding echoes. True or false?

  • 18

    Valhalla Delay's color section is used for...

  • 19

    Valhalla Room is what type of reverb?

  • 20

    The first plate reverb was developed by Waves. True or false?

  • 21

    The Depth slider of Valhalla Room controls the balance between early and late reflections. True or false?

  • 22

    Vintage Verb was inspired by...?

  • 23

    Compared to digital delay, tape delay tends to sound...

  • 24

    In Valhalla Delay, which control lets you choose the type of delay that is being modelled.

  • 25

    Ubermod is what kind of plugin?

Valhalla Plugins 101
Valhalla Plugins Explained and Explored
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