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Día de la Tierra 2011
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22 de abril 2011 es el Día de la Tierra. Procedentes de Vancouver, Canadá, no lineal Educar Inc. y

Me encanta la tierra en que vivimos, y como empresa, es importante para mí que No lineal Educar Inc. hace todo lo posible para mantener su huella de carbono lo más bajo posible. De hecho, nuestro enfoque medioambiental es parte de la misión de nuestra empresa:

Como autor de la recuperación técnica, que siempre me ha molestado la cantidad de papel se utiliza para imprimir un libro. Y encima de eso, los libros son pesados ​​y requieren cantidades desproporcionadas de combustible para barcos de todo el mundo. Libros técnicos, en particular, están ligados a las versiones de software ... cuando el software nuevo que sale, todos los libros antiguos se vuelven irrelevantes y se envían al relleno sanitario, para hacer espacio para los libros recién impresos en los estantes. Es una industria masiva desperdicio.

He diseñado el sistema no lineal Educar como una alternativa al modelo de publicación de libros clásicos. Para empezar, te permite ver

Día de la Tierra es un día importante para nosotros No lineal Educar Inc. Es un día en que realmente podemos mostrar los aspectos ambientales de nuestro sistema educativo ... dejar de comprar libros para aprender el software, y dejar de contribuir a la pérdida masiva que se produce a través de la publicación de libros pesados ​​con una vida útil limitada.

Día de la Tierra Feliz 2011!

Martin Sitter

Martin Sitter | Articles by this author

Martin Sitter is the Founder of NonLinear Educating Inc., and the CEO of macProVideo.com, AskVideo.com, and Ask.Audio. Martin started out as a DJ and Record Producer in the 90s. At the turn of this Century, Martin was recruited by Apple Computers to design and author their Official Software Training Curriculum for Logic, Soundtrack Pro, and DVD Studio Pro. Martin wrote the Original Apple Pro Training series books for the above topics. He's also a best-selling technical author of over a dozen books, spanning various topics in audio and video editing & design.


Apr 21, 2011
Christian Heaford

Your (and Steve's..as well as others in your company) tutorials are second to none. True Masters of the the art and technology. That's why I continue to subscribe. You guys have worked HARD to provide a polished and professional product.....BUT:

Don't push the GREEN thing on me.

Don't get me wrong...I love our planet just as much as the next guy...But I was NOT aware you even offered your tutorials in evil planet-hateful "print" options. Why the big "green" sell all the sudden?

Do NOT require a "green" reason to continue paying you money. I do it because you offer the best products in your area of expertise.

Frankly, the "GREEN" angle is so overdone by now that it attempts to sell toothpaste, automobiles, and Fast food.

It's my planet too....but you guys are certainly more professional about your product than selling the green thing....Aren't you?

Christian Heaford, RPT, CTE
Apr 21, 2011
"Why the big "green" sell all the sudden?"

Well, it is our 5th annual Earth Day sale, so it's not like we're just jumping on the bandwagon ...
Apr 22, 2011
.... Incredible site, @ Christian, some opinions are better left unsaid??? In digression, my Birthday is on EarthDay:) Keep being great teachers. Big ups with bringing LogicNinja (David Earl) on board. Keep it Green!
Apr 22, 2011
Thanks & Happy Birthday BPGeez! Yes, David Earl is a great addition to our Logic team of trainers! His Producing With Folders tut is great.

@ Christian. I understand your concerns... personally, I feel that having a Green Sale allows us to celebrate Green Day at the same time as providing excellent training delivered in as "environmentally friendly" way that we are able.

Win-win situation - great to spread the "Earth Day" message to those that might not be aware of it (especially in other parts of the world).

Apr 27, 2011
Steve H
"It's not easy being green." -Kermit the Frog
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