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Final Cut Pro FastTrack 101

FCPX Touch Bar Essentials

Touch Bar control is here for Final Cut Pro X! Check out this FastTrack™ course by Apple Certified Trainer Iain Anderson to see just how it’ll change the way you edit on your MacBook Pro. Learn the Touch Bar… FAST!

Final Cut Pro FastTrack 201

Pro Audio Techniques

Knowing how to edit audio is one of the most important skill video editors need to learn. In these 20-tutorial FastTrack™ course, Apple Certified Ben Balser covers professional workflows to help you deal with all sorts of audio issues.

Final Cut Pro FastTrack 202

Multicam Techniques

The multicam editing workflow in Apple's Final Cut Pro X is one of the most flexible available around. Watch this FastTrack™ course, and learn how to unleash the full power of multicam editing in FCP X!


Final Cut Pro X 100

10.3 New Features!

Apple’s new Final Cut Pro X 10.3 is brimming with powerful new features, GUI improvements and workflow enhancements. Watch this FREE course to see our take on what tips and tools you need to explore before you begin your next project.

Final Cut Pro X 101

Absolute Beginner's Guide

This Final Cut Pro X Absolute Beginner’s Guide is designed to give you the essential knowledge you need to begin editing your first FCPX project. This is the best place to start whether you’re new to FCPX or are moving over from another program!

Final Cut Pro X 102

Clips: Import & Organize

It all starts with getting your clips into Apple’s FCPX! This course teaches you the essentials of importing and organizing your clips to make your editing workflow a breeze!

Final Cut Pro X 103

Editing Techniques & Concepts

This course, by Apple Certified trainer Ben Balser, dives into FCPX’s editing techniques and workflows. He explains various edit types, clip moving tools and navigation tips that are essential to the Final Cut Pro X experience.

Final Cut Pro X 104

Working in the Timeline

OK, you’ve got the basic edits down. Now how do you put together the final story in Final Cut Pro’s Timeline? Apple Certified Pro and film producer Ben Balser is here to show you the way!

Final Cut Pro X 105

Working With Audio

Audio is one of the most important elements of a successful video production. In this 28-tutorial course, Apple Certified Trainer Iain Anderson covers all the essential audio features included in Final Cut Pro, and he shows you how to master them!

Final Cut Pro X 106

Media, Roles & Sharing

Once you dive in deeper to Final Cut Pro X you soon discover it has reinvented the way you use media, organize that media and "share" that media. This course explains this new paradigm and how to deploy it to your advantage.

Final Cut Pro X 202

Compositing and Visual FX

Visual effects and clip fixing tools are built right into Apple's Final Cut Pro X. Check out this in-depth course to see how to do everything from stabilization techniques to slick animations!

Final Cut Pro X 203

Graphics, Titles and Transitions

Apple’s Final Cut Pro X is filled with powerful tools for creating 2D/3D titles, graphics and elaborate transition effects. In this in-depth 24-tutorial course, Apple Certified Trainer Iain Anderson teaches you how to create them and polish them to perfection.

Final Cut Pro X 101

Core Training: Clips: Import and Organize

It all starts with getting your footage into Apple’s FCPX! Learn the basics of importing and organizing your clips in with expert editor and instructor Michael Wohl.

Final Cut Pro X 102

Core Training: Editing Techniques and Concepts

There are many new tricks in FCPX’s editing toolkit. That’s why Michael Wohl created this comprehensive new editing course – filled with great examples – to show you just how it’s done! This 30-tutorial collection gets you up-to-speed quickly in Apple’s latest version of Final Cut Pro X!

Final Cut Pro X 103

Core Training: Advanced Editing Masterclass

Final Cut Pro X is filled with great pro editing tools. Join Michael Wohl as he explains the advanced techniques and reveals ALL the new editing features packed into Apple’s flagship video editor!

Final Cut Pro X 104

Core Training: Audio Editing, EQ and FX

Audio is a huge part of video. This 31-tutorial course – by video editing expert, Michael Wohl – demystifies all aspects of audio from editing to automating to adding plug-ins. Learn everything audio in Apple’s Final Cut Pro X.

Final Cut Pro X 105

Core Training: Compositing and Visual FX

Visual Effects and transformations are designed right into Apple's new Final Cut Pro X. Watch this 24-tutorial course to see how Michael Wohl creates everything from basic transformations to cool animations right before your eyes!

Final Cut Pro X 106

Core Training: Graphics, Titles, Transitions and Themes

Final Cut Pro X 10.2.X is jam-packed with all kinds of way to create professional graphics. From titles to complex transitions, this course takes you through all of them!

Final Cut Pro X 107

Core Training: Color Correction Masterclass

Learn the art and craft of color correction using Apple’s Final Cut Pro X 10.2.2 in this completely new and redesigned course by videographer, editor and colorist, Iain Anderson.

Final Cut Pro X 108

Core Training: Finishing Up Your Project

The editing is done, so are the FX, the color’s correct... now what? Final Cut Pro expert Michael Wohl takes you through all the important steps leading to exporting and sharing your movie projects in this deep, 28-tutorial course!

Final Cut Pro X 204

Media Management Toolbox

Apple's Final Cut Pro X 10.2 has a media management system that fits the pro workflow perfectly. See how this latest version organizes all of your clips in all of your projects quickly and efficiently.

Final Cut Pro X 107

Core Training: Color Correction Masterclass

Learn the art and craft of color correction – with editor and colorist Michael Wohl – using Apple’s Final Cut Pro X!

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Once again MacProVideo is on the mark and have produced this additional support for their Final Cut Pro X Tutorials. I have found this and their other tutorials invaluable in improving my knowledge and keeping on top of updates to the program. More importantly their prompt response to email queries has to be commended.

Derek Wright

Ben Balser gives more than just instruction... he gave insight from knowledge gained thru experience, invaluable!


Iain Anderson gets kudos for his coverage... MPV never fails or disappoints, I'm addicted to MPV!-)


I was very glad that I had a macProVideo account because I was able to dip in and out of all Michael Wohl's tutorials and find out just what I needed to know to get up and running.


Want to read more testimonials from real users?  See all reviews for Ben Balser, Iain Anderson, and Michael Wohl.

Training from Industry Pros

Learn Final Cut Pro X quickly from Apple Certified Trainers!

Ben Balser

Ben Balser

As an IT engineer and project manager for over 20 years, Ben eventually made the switch from IT work to doing full time media production fulfilling a life long dream. He served for consecutive terms with the Louisiana Association of Video Professionals as editor, then vice-president, and as president. He was also one of Louisiana’s first Final Cut Pro certified pro users.

Iain Anderson

Iain Anderson

Iain Anderson is an Apple FCPX and Motion expert who teaches privately and in post-secondary institutions in his native Australia. As a freelance artist he works with such notable clients from Microsoft to the Queensland Government. With his mastery of graphics and 3D software platforms from Quartz Composer to Second Life and Final Cut Pro to Adobe Creative Suite, he has laid out books, booklets...

Michael Wohl

Michael Wohl

Michael Wohl is a pioneer of desktop video, and a man of true vision. This was obvious to me the first time I read his seminal book, "Editing Techniques with Final Cut Pro" ... a book that sat center stage on my desk for a long time and one I feel no video editor should be without. Michael knows Final Cut Pro like few others! – Martin Sitter

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