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Cubase 7 Control Room send - pre-fader?

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  • Ronnie
  • Forum Member
Hi - I'm trying to set up a control room headphone mix for the first time. I have added a stereo output pair as a "Cue" in the Control Room settings. I am able to set up a mix like this, but find that the main track console faders (and the mute and solo buttons) are affecting the volume levels as well as the cue send faders in the rack.

This means that, although I can eliminate tracks from the headphone mix by not enabling their cue sends, I cannot have a track playing through the headphone mix without it also appearing in the normal output as well. The only way I can see of getting round this would be to go into the routing and disable the output.

I see the cue sends as equivalent to the aux (monitor) sends on an analogue mixing desk, so surely they should be pre-fader? Or am I missing something?


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