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Triplets in Logic?

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  • sammydave
  • Forum Member
Hi folks. I've created several patterns using Ultrabeat, at 1/16 resolution and 32 steps long. Now I'm trying to create some triplets to add to one of these patterns, and I can't figure it out. Changing the res or length messes up the tempo, unless I'm doing it incorrectly.

I tried dragging a test pattern into the Arrange window and manually nudging the midi notes around, with limited success.

And I've never used the Score notation area, although that might be easier, after the initial learning curve...

Any ideas?
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  • Richie
  • Forum Member
One thing you could try, is creating a pattern with 24 steps, at a resolution of 1/16. This would give you a 1-bar phrase, which you could copy, loop, cut etc, as many times as needed.

For 1/8 note triplets, try a pattern of 24 steps at 1/8. This would give you a 2-bar phrase. Again, you can copy this as needed.

This is all based on being in 4/4 time.

Just for reference purposes, triplet values in Logic use the following tick values.

1/64 note triplets: 40
1/32 note triplets: 80
1/16 note triplets: 160
1/8 note triplets: 320
1/4 note triplets: 640
1/2 note triplets: 1280
1/1 note triplets: 2560

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  • Christian L
  • Administrator

Or just drag the pattern to the arrange page and add the triplets in the Piano Roll, not in Ultrabeat sequencer. If you change the Resolution to /12 or /24 in the transport bar, you will be able to add triplets in the Piano Roll.

Just don't forget to turn the Ultrabeat sequencer off or you will hear both patterns at the same time.
Last Edited on Apr 29th 2008 @ 07:55 AM
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