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How can I convert html to xml: Epub

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  • Amara
  • Forum Member
I have used HTML5 to write my book. But I am on my way to EPUB. How do I convert the html 5 to xml so I can export to Indesign. In dreamweaver, when I go file-export, I notice that the xml is not activated. In other words, how does EPUB support HTML5?

Thanks guys.
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  • Rounik
  • Administrator
Hi Amara,

Why do you want to take the HTML5 into InDesign?

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  • Amara
  • Forum Member
What I have written in HTML5 is an ebook. I am heading towards epub but don't know what step to take. I have used Caliber to convert a chapter to EPUB and it comes out well on my iPad and iPhone ibooks. BUT the epub file is invalid when I validate is as epub3 here

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  • Forum Member
few say ago i want to change in my epub file so i take the help of third party converter http://www.epubtohtml.com/ . to help of this converter i convert all my file in html and after this i simply remove so error which is occur in my eBook. so if you want to change in your eBook or want to us your eBook into Dreamweaver you take help of this converter and his simple graphycal tools and YouTube video help you to solve your problems.http://www.epubtohtml.com/
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