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microsoft office 2008 not opening

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  • drusif
  • Forum Member
ive been running microsoft word for a while now and had no problems.

last weekend i went through all my documents on my mac to delete some stuff and free up some space.

today i went to open a document i made in word and it went to open. it started to open then i got a message saying 'microsoft encountered a problem and had to close.
im pretty sure i didnt delete any files needed to run the software cause the folders still in applications, any ideas what might be the problem

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  • Rounik
  • Administrator
Hey drusif,

Does the file open at all?

Do you have a backup of the file you can access (from a backup drive or TimeMachine)?

It could be a corrupted file...

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  • Gary Hiebner
  • Moderator
I have found that this sometimes happen when I file gets corrupt in the Microsoft User Data Folder (Macintosh HD > Users > username > Documents)

Try move this folder onto your Desktop. Then try open Word again and see if it opens. A new Microsoft Data folder will be created. If it works then a file somewhere in that folder was corrupt.

You can now start moving folders back from the Microsoft User Data folder from your Desktop, and see which folder causes Word to crash. Make sure you quit Word first. Then move a folder at a time then launch Word again and see which folder is the corrupt one.

Just beware that if you use Entourage that your Mail Identity also sits in this Microsoft User Data folder.
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  • drusif
  • Forum Member
i just deleted the programe of my mac and got office 2011, its only a 30 day trial but at least i got my cv finished, ill try reinstalling the disc see if that works.

cheers guys
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