• Alex Commins
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    Additional ?'s about importing Logic to iMovie
    Rounik - I asked the other day about recording the video of me playing into iMovie but recording the audio (guitar) into Logic so that for the audio I could: 1) add effects in Logic and then import into iMovie and 2) so that I could use my good mics and mic pre's for the audio The reason I asked was because I have the input in the Mac preferences set to my Duet (and output as well) and I was thinking that since I am using (before buying a good camera) my built-in iSight for the video but have my Mac prefs set to my Duet for the audio input (so I can use my good mics etc), that the iSight would not pick up my audio, and it would not be routed to iMovie and therefore I actually had no choice but to record the audio into Logic. This of course makes it a pain to sync the audio and video in iMovie once I import into iMovie the audio file from Logic (with effects in it). BUT - I just finally experimented with this process - and I discovered that the audio of the guitar was in BOTH iMovie (and of course already perfectly synced) AND also in Logic. Does this mean that iMovie automatically records the audio from whatever input source I have set up in my Mac prefs (and yet it could still be recorded in Logic as well). If this is the case, AWESOME - that means that I can record through my good mics and mic pre's into iMovie as I record the video - is this right?? Also, I would not have to sync the audio and video in iMovie (which is a pain) if so - then two additional questions (aren't I a pain - and quite detailed with my questions!): First: can I record TWO tracks into iMovie - this would be my acoustic guitar direct and a vocal mic (I need both in order to video a guitar lesson). If so, would BOTH audio tracks show up in iMovie if I were to detach audio? Second: You said to then export the iMovie to Logic - then detach the audio track(s) in Logic - add effects (and I assume then bounce the audio to a single stereo file so that it will have the effects in the audio file), attach the new bounced file back to the movie and then export back to iMovie as a Quicktime file (am I correct in this process once I get it to Logic)?. To do this: a) do I detach or not detach the audio track(s) first in iMovie before I export to Logic, or do I wait and detach them in Logic? b) do I export from iMovie as a Quicktime file -- and then export back out of Logic as a Quicktime file. c)finally (aren't you glad!!), if I am to detach the audio file(s) in Logic (rather than in iMovie), how do I detach them in Logic (btw, I have worked some with importing a Quicktime movie into Logic and working with an audio track in it). If I have too many questions, you don't have to answer them all!!! peace - alex
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    Re: Additional ?'s about impo...
    Hi Alex, I got no problems answering questions if I have fingers that still type... and any kind of useful knowledge that I can share ;-) btw, please, please do keep the same/similar topics or follow on posts in the same thread. Otherwise it becomes difficult to follow the progress of a question and can mean that those who search for this in the forums in the future may miss out on some answers :-) OK. Back to the questions. If you're happy to record the audio into Logic and iMovie is recording the audio and video then you've got the perfect situation already! As you say it makes it easy to sync the audio from Logic to iMovie's recorded audio. I would now recommend doing it this way as you didn't mention before that you will be recording the guitar and voice over at the same time. iMovie will merge the audio into one track I believe... although I haven't tried it out. Better to simultaneously record both audio tracks in Logic, polish them up and then add them to the movie. Rather than answer every question word for word here is the workflow I would choose now I understand your requirements a bit better: 1. In Logic set up two audio tracks, record armed and set to the correct inputs (one for mic one for guitar) 2. In iMovie set up to record from iSight with audio too. 3. Begin recording in both. Make a loud short sound (ala clapper board used in Films 'Take One") to help you sync the sound later during editing. 4. Once finished, add effects & bounce the Logic tracks as separate audio files. One for Voice. One for Guitar. Get the levels etc just the way you want them. 5. Add these to your iMovie project and sync them to the correct place by using the clip trimmer for the audio. 6. Edit the Movie as desired. 7. Export from iMovie as desired. This workflow will save you from having to export the movie from iMovie to Logic and then possibly resyncing parts of the audio if you have added transitions or cut pieces of the original video. Hope that helps :) Rounik
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