• odessaflyer
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    Recording in performance Mode with Logic
    I'm using Logic in *performance mode* - with Ultrabeat set to change sequences with the midi controller. At the same time I'm triggering other presets in Sculpture or Esx24. This affords me the way I like to work..."jamming* the sounds and parts into a rough composition. The problem is ( and I've asked the question before) is that, it seems from all I can understand here...that Logic doesn't really give me the ability to simply record what I'm hearing, right here and now, what I'm hearing in the headphones, improvising what I'm playing!?. To just be able to hit the record button and capture what is heard as it is being improvised. I've gone about it the other way...putting midi notes into the matrix editor, and then using the "bounce" record feature. To me, this does not allow for the musical flexibility that I'm looking to capture. I was told there is a way to use "side chains" or a thrid party software to be able to route the audio signal into an audio track which can then be recorded. Would someone please give detailed step by step instructions for how to do this...what software, etc? I want to finally get over this hurdle to capture what I'm hearing. secondly, I am going through REwire into LIVE. Live can hear the midi controller but I guess not the virtual instruments in Logic -? I have both programs working in performance mode but how is it possible to get both to record simultaneously so that at the end of the jam, everyhting is recorded, in one, or both programs seperately if that's all that is possible? please give step by step procedure if you can..I would greatly appreciate it. Recording Logic's virtual instruments seems to be not easily do-able, as if the sounds are relatgated to be heard but not recorded without seeminly restrictive conditions that almost render them unusable, except by very strict methodical, mecahical methods. I could be wrong about this. but There must be ways to use logic and live together - with the kind of improvizational power that performance mode seems to offer, and to be able to record and capture the "jam" on the fly... just hit the record button and play music and then hit the stop button and have what you just heard, recorded in both applications. IS this possible? I hope someone has some answers..I have to say I love what I'm hearing and how it's flowing....but as of yet, it remains trapped inside the box. Thanks in advance Odessaflyer
  • steveH
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    Re: Recording in performance Mode with Logic
    There's a great little program called Wiretap Pro that records the outputs of your computer. I use it all the time to get around the main problem that you've outlined above! I put it into record and then improvise away! Amd best of all, it only costs $19! Here's the link: In terms of purely Logic solutions the is a way to reroute audio thru a compressors side chain to a recordable track, however, that requires a bit of finesse and it may only be mono! Perhaps I'll do a quick tutorial about that option if there is any interest out there! Good luck....
  • odessaflyer
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    Re: Recording in performance Mode with Logic
    Wow!! alright Steve! thanks a million! I'll try to get the program now. I'm currently in Kiev Internet but I know I can download it here somehow. !)Are there any certain steps to how you record with Wiretap terms of exactly how you do it? 2) Are you recording all instrumenst/virtual Instruments as one track? or can you seperate your virtual instrumenst to seperate tracks as you improvize and record? 3) is there any way to record midi notes as Ultrabeat is playing the pattern selected...or can this only be done mechanically by using the regions of midi noites placed one at a time into the matrix editor? By the way, I did purchase Tips N Tricks...but as of yet have not figured out how to access it..I'm not even sure what I did wrong on the day I bought and downloaded "something" Back to Logic...I have Ultrabeat, Sculpture and ESX24 all set up routed to Aux channels each with effects, triggering the pattern mode and mute...what I hear in my headphones is if Wiretap Pro allows to capture the basic improvizations, from there it seems it would be possible to edit and fine tune final tracks...or use the matrix editor?
  • Rounik Admin
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    Re: Recording in performance Mode with Logic
    Another useful program that allows you to record audio from different applications or outputs is Audio hijack pro. However, reading your last post i think you misunderstand what wiretap or the above programs can do. They record mono or stereo audio. So it won't be individual tracks but it will record all tracks in one - much like when you bounce your tracks together in logic. 3) You can indeed record ultrabeat or any midi notes during playback. Go to your key commands and search for "capture last take". I have mine set to option-K. When I've played a part i like during playback i simply press option-K and that track's midi region is updated with what i just played. In your case if you want to record your improvisations in Logic can you not just go into cycle mode and record? That way you have midi data to work with and not audio files. I may be missing something here...but why do you route sculpture, ub and exs24 to aux's? I can understand exs24 and ub if they are multi's - but sculpture? Best Rounik
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