• [R]evoution
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    Irrational Meters
    How the heck do I make a 3/3 or 3/6 time signature, or any other irrational meter? I wrote a song in Cubase using an irrational meter a long time ago, but now that I have transferred the midi files to Logic 8 pro I can't figure out how to work on it any more. This makes me a bit frustrated.
  • mPV Support
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    Re: Irrational Meters
    You can't. I'm surprised you could do this in Cubase... I remember you could'nt in the last version of Cubase I used. I don't know of any music software that can do "irrational meters". Maybe in Finale... Irrational Meters are extremely rare. In fact, they are almost non-existent. The reason is that you can normally use a "traditional" time signature instead. For example : You can use a measure of 4/4 instead of a measure of 3/3. You can use a measure of 2/4 instead of measure of 3/6.
  • [R]evoution
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    Re: Irrational Meters
    And Happy Holidays to all of you :) !! The last version of Cubase that I used was SX 2. This being one of the main reasons that I switched to Mac and Logic (and we here at red dwarf studio have not been happier). I wrote the song in one of the last two versions of cubase vst, and then we never finished it, and then i found it, thought it sounded really cool and wanted to do a new version of the song in Logic. This is when I realized I had written it in a really really weird time signature with really off the wall quantization. Now re-writing it is going to be a chore. I was able to get it somewhat in line with 3/1 24th notes. but even then, some things do not line up correctly. I guess that all I can do is try some different time signatures with different note lengths and play around until I find the closest thing to what i used back when I wrote it. Thanks for the replies! -ben
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    Re: Irrational Meters
    In common usage, denominator values are 2, 4, 8, 16 etc. If you want multiples of 3, you could choose a 4/4 metre and simply use tuplets, ie groups of 3 or 6. You could also try a compound time like 6/8 or 9/8. This is pretty easy to do in Logic. Regards - Colin
  • Futywey
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    Re: Irrational Meters
    The effect of an irrational meter is, in effect, more or less the same as a tempo change, albeit a precise/rhythmically relative one. Thus you could, in order to get 4/3, I THINK you would need to divide your primary tempo by 3.33333... and subtract the result-- IE 150-45=105=a movement from 4/4 to 4/3. (turning your quarter note into the relative 1/2note triplet of the master tempo).
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