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macProVideo.com Turns 5! February 24th, 2010.

On February 24th, 2005, I published the first video tutorial program at macProVideo.com ... a title called "A.Pack 101: Mastering A.Pack.". As I sit here typing today, it amazes me to see how the company has grown and evolved. From that single title 5 years ago we've grown tremendously ... we now have over 150 titles published, which makes us one of the largest software tutorial libraries in the world! 5 years has gone quickly ... and we've been working hard.

Before I go any further, I have to say thank you to all of our supporters who've helped us along the way ... specifically, I'd like to thank all of our amazing customers that buy our tutorials, and also tell others about our services. Of course, I couldn't have done it without my incredible roster of talented trainers that produce the content that keeps our customers coming back. And most of all, I'd like to thank my staff ... a team of exceptional people that power our company and make macProVideo.com what it is today. Sincerely, I'd like to thank all of you for your incredible support through the last 5 years.

In the classic business model, if you can make it 5 years you will quite likely survive as a company and grow into the future. 5 years is a milestone in any business ... an important day that says to the world, "We made it!" ... we're a real going concern. We have lasting power. We're here to stay!

Well, I'm happy to say macProVideo.com IS here to stay! Today marks the completion of our first 5 year plan and we've more than achieved the milestones I set out along the way. We did the following:

  • Created download technology to efficiently distribute content to clients
  • Assembled a team of the world's best software educators & pro trainers
  • Produced a large library of high quality software tutorial-videos
  • Implemented a subscription-based Online Tutorial Library
  • Created a unique and rewarding employment environment for staff

With the completion of 5 years, macProVideo.com has grown through childhood and adolescence, and now emerges into the world as an adult. In the 5 years ahead, we are going to grow up. The next 5 year plan is now in effect ... and if you'd like a head's up, it's all about NonLinearEducating.com ....

NonLinearEducating.com is coming soon. With the launch of this web site, you will see our educational services leap to the next level. We are redoubling our efforts to produce the type of training YOU want to see ...training by pros, for pros. To this end I've taken some big steps already ...

We've hired Steve H. as our Vice President of Audio Tutorials. In this capacity, Steve is going to spearhead our audio tutorial line and bring you more of the exceptional audio DAW training you've come to expect from macProVideo.com. Steve is also responsible for branching out our tutorial line into more real world topics like instrument & recording techniques, product reviews, and other stuff our audio customers have told us they are interested in. Our audio tutorial line is in great hands with Steve H and I'm extremely happy to have him on board with his new responsibilities.

But that's not all ... I've also hired a new Vice President of Graphics Tutorials that will be tasked with revitalizing our Adobe CS, Final Cut Studio, and other graphics tutorials. This person is a deep industry insider with access to people and trainers at all levels of Adobe, Apple, and the educational world. As the year unfolds, you'll see a brand new line of industry-leading graphics tutorials published through NonLinearEducating.com that are going to change the way creative people look at software tutorials.

macProVideo.com is going to stay just as it is ... we're going nowhere. You'll be able to purchase NonLinearEducating.com tutorials directly through macProVideo.com, and also watch them in the Online Tutorial Library as part of your Pro Subscription. And of course, we'll continue to produce and sell our Logic, Final Cut Studio, and other Mac tutorials through the macProVideo.com Brand. However, all cross-platform tutorials are moving to NonLinearEducating.com.

With the birth of NonLinearEducating.com we're going to take our educational services to the next level ... stay tuned ... there's an incredible next 5 years ahead. Once again, thanks for your amazing support through the last 5 years!!

Martin Sitter
NonLinear Educating

Martin Sitter

Martin Sitter | Articles by this author

Martin Sitter is the Founder of NonLinear Educating Inc., and the CEO of macProVideo.com, AskVideo.com, and Ask.Audio. Martin started out as a DJ and Record Producer in the 90s. At the turn of this Century, Martin was recruited by Apple Computers to design and author their Official Software Training Curriculum for Logic, Soundtrack Pro, and DVD Studio Pro. Martin wrote the Original Apple Pro Training series books for the above topics. He's also a best-selling technical author of over a dozen books, spanning various topics in audio and video editing & design.


Feb 25, 2010
Hi Martin,

Congratulations on your 5th birthday, although I have to be honest and say you look a bit older!

Seriously, I am a great fan on MacProVideo having dowloaded over twenty of your excellent turorials. I have never failed to get my money's worth and, indeed, they must provide one of the best value for money on the market.

All the best to you and the team for another highly successful five years and beyond.

Feb 25, 2010
Thanks Norman!! I really appreciate the kind words ... :)

Feb 26, 2010
Henryk Gajewski
Sto lat, sto lat
Niech zyje Martin nam!!!
100 lat, 100 lat
niech zyje MacProVideo nam!!!!!!

Happy birthday MacProVideo
Many many more good years!

from you happy costumer, Polish orgin (above is Polish happy birthday song), who lives in Amsterdam.

Henryk Gajewski
Feb 26, 2010
Thanks for the kind wishes Henryk!! :)
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