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Premiere Pro: Working with Markers

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When editing in Premiere Pro or other NLE, markers are a big part of working smarter and not harder.

Markers are a great tool for making notes, marking sync points, and creating chapter markers for Adobe Encore. In Premiere Pro there are three type of markers (Comment, Chapter and Web Link), and we will look at the first 2 types here.

So let’s jump in and see how markers work and the improvements to markers in CS6 from CS 5.5.

Common Uses for Markers

A common use of markers is to make comments on parts of a clip or sequence. Often when I am sitting with a client, I will create markers so later I can make the changes we went over in our review session. This is a big time saver, as I can go through my markers and see the notes we made (ex. fix audio, add color correction here, add transition here, etc.)

Common uses for markers.

Markers are used on clips to sync action. Another common use is to place a marker on a video clip (say b-roll without sound) and an audio clip. We then line up the markers on both clips.

Markers are used to create Chapter markers for DVD creation in Encore. You create the markers in Premiere Pro and then send the Sequence to Encore to create a DVD.

Creating Comment Markers in the Timeline

Press M to add a marker in the timeline or click the marker button in the Program Window. This creates a comment marker, and it is a dark green. Comment, chapter and web link markers have specific colors so you can identify them.

Double-click on the marker to open the marker dialog box. Here you can name the marker and add comments. You can create a duration for markers, which is helpful when you want to mark a section for color correction or adjusting audio levels. To see the name and comments, put your cursor over the marker.

Marker dialog box.

To go to previous marker is Shift-Command-M, and go to next marker is Shift-M.

Go to next marker.

You can also add marker buttons in the Program Window by clicking the Button Editor +.

Button Editor +

In CS6 there is the new Markers Panel, which shows all the markers on a selected sequence. Click on a sequence to select it, and then click on the Markers Panel in the Project. Clicking on a marker in the Markers Panel will move you to that marker in the sequence. You can also change the duration of the marker and add/modify comments here.

Markers panel.

Creating Comment Markers in a Clip

Double-click a clip from the project or sequence to load it into the Source Window.

Press M to add a marker to the clip or click the marker button. 

Also note that If you have the Source Window selected, you see clip markers in the Markers Panel.

If you have a sequence selected, you see sequence markers.

To see the name and comments for a clip in a sequence, double-click on the clip and then you can see this info by putting your cursor over the marker in the Source Window, or in the Markers Panel.

Creating Chapter markers for DVD creation in Encore

Click the Set Encore Chapter button in the timeline to create a marker Encore will recognize (chapter markers are red).

Set Encore Chapter Marker button.

You can also convert a comment Marker to chapter Marker by clicking Encore Chapter Marker in the marker dialog box.

Encore Chapter Marker.

To export a sequence with chapter markers to Encore, select the Sequence and choose File > Adobe Dynamic Link > Send to Encore.

Check out our Premiere: Basic Editing Technique course!

Clay Asbury

Clay Asbury | Articles by this author

Clay is an Adobe/Apple Certified Instructor with over 13 years video production/editing experience. His approachable and effective teaching style has developed from teaching at Adobe/Apple Training Centers and various colleges.. He writes video editing tips and articles at claygasbury.com . He wrote the chapter on trimming in "Edit Well: Final Cut Studio Techniques from the Pros", from Peachpit Press.


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