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무료 프리미엄 액세스

프리미엄 허브 기사, 프로젝트 파일 및 각 튜토리얼 비디오의 첫 번째 10 %의 우리의 전체 라이브러리를 액세스 온라인 자습서 도서관 .

지금 무료 계정을 만드십시오!

OS X 이외 : LiveCD를 통해 실행 우분투
Google 번역에 의해 번역

Mac users buy Macs for many reasons but one of the biggest is OS X, so why would anyone want to run anything else on their Mac? Whether it's to run a program that's unavailable for OS X or just to pro ...

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Natalia Rakowski

Natalia Rakowski | Articles by this author

Natalia Rakowski proudly wears the title of geek on her sleeve. She holds a degree in electrical engineering and runs her own technology consulting business. She started playing cello at age 10 and since has added guitar, bass, keyboards, and vocals to her repertoire. She is fluent in Linux, Windows, and her personal favorite: OS X. She has written various feature articles, columns, and reviews related to music production on the Linux platform for Computer Music Magazine.


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