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  • Q. What Happens if a customer buys a product but does not redeem it on your website?
  • A. If the redeem code is not entered on our website, we don't bill you.
  • Q. How do you deal with Shrinkage and Product Theft?
  • A. If product disappears from your store, let us know. We'll remove those codes from our system and you will not be billed if they are redeemed.
  • Q. How do we Reorder Product?
  • A. Our System Tracks redeemed codes. We'll automatically send you new product when your supply begins to get low.
  • Q. How many items must we stock?
  • A. The minimum order is 10 units, but we'll work with you to ensure you have a proper amount of product for your sales environment.
  • Q. What software do you create tutorials for?
  • A. We create tutorials for ALL major Mac Applications for Creative Users (Logic Studio, Final Cut Studio, Adobe CS, etc.). See a full list of our tutorials.

How It Works

macProVideo.com is a leading producer of high-quality tutorial videos that show you how to use popular software. We've developed a new Retail Item that includes a one-time pass to our Online Tutorial Library, and we think your store is the perfect place to sell this product.

Retail Packages:
  • 1-Month Pro Library Pass - $25.00
  • 3-Month Pro Library Pass - $50.00
What's In The Box:

Each Retail Box we send you contains a unique code that the purchaser will enter on a special page at our website. This code gives the purchaser access to our entire Online Tutorial Library.

No Carrying Cost:

If you signup to our Retail System, we'll send you a minimum of 10 of our boxed products with NO UPFRONT COST TO YOU. When the customer redeems the code in the box at our website, we will invoice you for our portion of the sale (invoiced quarterly, 30 days after the close of the calendar quarter).

Retail Employee Benefits:

As one of our retail partners, your entire staff is eligible for FREE NFR PASSES to our Online Tutorial Library (a $299 value per employee, per year). Trained staff make a better sales force, so we want to help your staff become better computer users!

Note: Staff must have an email address from your company's web domain to be eligible for this offer.

What is macProVideo.com?

macProVideo.com is an online education community featuring Tutorial-Videos & Training for popular Audio & Video Applications including Adobe CS, Logic Studio, Final Cut Studio, and more.
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