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Ableton Live With Bill Burgess
  • Exploring Advanced Possibilities
  • Ableton Live With Bi...
  • 1 Reviews
  • Join veteran Los Angeles/Austin based producer and boundary pusher Bill Burgess as he unveils a variety of hidden corners and unorthodox production tricks that will help you find your own unique voice inside Ableton Live.
Omnisphere 2 Xtreme
  • Omnisphere 201
  • Omnisphere 2 Xtreme
  • 1 Reviews
  • Oh no…look out… Bill Burgess is back with an Xtreme look at Omnisphere 2! Bill doesn’t play by the rules and this course is no exception. So hold on tight & get ready to learn the crazy sonics that makes O2 so darn cool.
Xtreme Sound Design
  • Logic Pro X 400
  • Xtreme Sound Design
  • 11 Reviews
  • Watch out! Logic Pro legend, Bill Burgess, is back with some amazing Logic Pro Xtreme Sound Design tutorials! Learn some insanely great tips and tricks in this incredible, outside-the-box Logic Pro X course!
Xtreme Drums & Beats
  • Logic Pro X 401
  • Xtreme Drums & Beats
  • 15 Reviews
  • Derail Drummer... Unhinge Ultrabeat... This outrageous, 2+ hour course, by outlaw Logic adventurer Bill Burgess, takes the art of creating beats to il-Logic-al limits! Take your Logic Pro X beat making to the Xtreme!
  • Live 9 101
  • Beginner's Guide
  • 20 Reviews
  • This new beginner’s guide –by Ableton expert Bill Burgess– is designed to get every Live newbie up and making tracks fast! So, if you're looking to go Live, start right here, right now with this entertaining and informative course!
BreakTweaker: Explored
  • iZotope
  • BreakTweaker: Explor...
  • 6 Reviews
  • Dive deep into this iZotope/BT beat-making plugin and learn how MicroEditing your audio will expand your musical universe! In this 29-tutorial course Bill Burgess shows you how to get it done!
Recording Audio and Audio Effects
  • Live 9 102
  • Recording Audio and ...
  • 12 Reviews
  • There's an old audio saying: Garbage in, garbage out. Trash is cool, but sometimes you want that pristine, clean, pure and undistorted audio. This course, by the irrepressible sound artist Bill Burgess, explains the process of how audio is best recorded, resampled and effected in Ableton Live.
Arranging Explored
  • Live 9 105
  • Arranging Explored
  • 11 Reviews
  • This course could be called: "Get All The Deepest Super-cool Ableton Live Arranging Tips Ever Assembled!" Seriously, this course – by Bill Burgess – will rock your Ableton Live 9 world!
MIDI Recording and Effects
  • Live 9 103
  • MIDI Recording and E...
  • 16 Reviews
  • Bill Burgess is one of the coolest trainers we know. That’s why we said YES when he offered to design this amazing course on MIDI in Ableton Live 9. Bill is an extraordinary teacher who delivers insightful nuggets of music gold. Pay attention and learn!
Go Live With Live 9
  • Live 9 106
  • Go Live With Live 9
  • 21 Reviews
  • There's a reason why Ableton calls it "Live". Dive into this course and get all the inspiration you need to go live with Live 9...
Battery: The Art of Drum Programming
  • Native Instruments 200
  • Battery: The Art of ...
  • 16 Reviews
  • Discover Bill Burgess' deep secrets about the dark “art” of programming drums while simultaneously learning how Native Instrument’s classic drum machine Battery 3 works. It's like getting two tutorials for the price of one! Check it out...
Exploring The Workspace
  • Pro Tools 102
  • Exploring The Worksp...
  • 12 Reviews
  • Every DAW has its own unique way of making music and manipulating sound. In these AVID Learn Partner tutorial-videos by audio expert Bill Burgess, you’ll learn about Pro Tools 10’s tracks, tools, navigation tricks to get you started producing and recording music right out of the box...
Video Post in Pro Tools
  • Pro Tools 10 100
  • What's New In Pro To...
  • 6 Reviews
  • Pro Tools 10 is here, and with it comes some highly anticipated new features. Join Bill Burgess in this FREE 5-video sampler and see what’s new in Pro Tools 10 ...
Introduction to Pro Tools
  • Pro Tools 10 101
  • Introduction to Pro ...
  • 16 Reviews
  • Learn all about the Pro Tools 10 software, its history and various configurations as well as the science behind how it processes audio. Get the basics in these AVID Learning Partner Online tutorial-videos by macProVideo.com's very entertaining Bill Burgess and get up-and-running fast...
Stutter Edit: Explored
  • iZotope Stutter Edit
  • Stutter Edit: Explor...
  • 10 Reviews
  • St-St-St-St Stutter Edit: Explored is here! Star mPV trainer and audio mangler, Bill Burgess demonstrates the audio chopping power of this amazing new plugin from BT and iZotope!
Core MainStage 2
  • MainStage 2 101
  • Core MainStage 2
  • 17 Reviews
  • MainStage 2 is the live performance tool that ships with Logic Studio. If you're a musician, and particularly a keyboardist, MainStage 2 will become your new secret weapon
Core Live 8
  • Live 8 101
  • Core Live 8
  • 50 Reviews
  • Watch as lead macProVideo.com trainer Bill Burgess shows you Live 8. Training with style & character, delivered the Bill B. way. This is a massive 7 hours of Ableton Live training at an amazing price!
Video Post in Pro Tools
Core MainStage
  • MainStage 101
  • Core MainStage
  • 21 Reviews
  • This tutorial is produced by Bill Burgess, the former Pro Audio Product Marketing Manager for Apple. Bill helped develop the MainStage templates and patches!
Core Keymap
  • Redmatica Keymap 101
  • Core Keymap
  • 5 Reviews
  • If you're serious about sampling, you need Redmatica Keymap! This tutorial shows you why ...

Bill Burgess

Bill Burgess
Bill Burgess is the former Pro Audio Product Marketing Manager and Logic Pro Artist Relations Manager for Apple Inc. He's also a brilliant software educator with long experience teaching audio producers how to make music!


By Martin Sitter

By Martin Sitter

Bill Burgess has been a good friend of mine for years. In fact, when I stopped working as Apple's Lead Logic educator to concentrate fully on building macProVideo.com, Bill Burgess was the person Apple hired to replace me!

Over the years we've grown quite close, and I've been incredibly please to watch as Bill's skills brought him increased recognition at Apple. They found out what I already knew - Bill Burgess is one of the best educators in the industry!

Bill is a musician, composer, video/visual artist and the former Pro Audio Product Marketing Manager and Logic Pro Artist Relations Manager for Apple Inc. As a Logic specialist imbedded in Los Angeles, he interfaced with dozens of the world’s most visible musicians and composers, gathered feature requests, and worked to bring those requests into reality with Apple software engineering teams. A successful musician and composer himself, he has written dreamy dark electronic music for NBC, Disney, Miramax Films, Apple Inc (you can hear his music in every box of Final Cut Studio.)
as well as dozens of indie films and projects. Bill has recently relocated from Los Angeles to Austin TX, where he is the Chief Creative for an all audio ad agency that delivers custom audio and music content for mobile. He is currently writing electronic music and collaborating on moving images and text for an upcoming youtube content channel that specializes in merging music and visual performance into a seamless whole.

Bill is an Apple Certified Logic Pro 8 Trainer, Apple Certified Logic Pro T3 Training Instructor, Apple Certified XSAN for Video and Final Cut Pro 6. He serves on the Avid/Digidesign Customer Advisory Board and is a Waves Beta Tester. Bill has also contributed to the following publications: 
Quality Control Editor, Apple Pro Training Series: Advanced Logic Pro 7 by David Dvorin.
Technical Editor, Apple Pro Training Series: Logic Pro 7 and Logic Express 7, by Martin Sitter.

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