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MPC 2 Software 101

MPC Software Explored

23 videos | 66 minutes | by Alex Solano

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Aug 16th, 2018
MPC 2 Software 101 MPC Software Explored Product Image

AKAI’s acclaimed music-production software, MPC 2, is a great and easy to use tool for music producers. Learn this creative audio production system with trainer and producer Alex Solano!

With its completely redesigned interface and long list of new features, AKAI’s MPC 2 software is without a doubt a major upgrade. In this course, AKAI expert Alex Solano explores this powerful beat production system and shows you how it can take your music productions to the next level.

First, Alex explains how to download, install and configure the latest version of the MPC software. After giving a brief description of the various MPC hardware controllers available, Alex takes a look at all the basic functionalities of the software. You learn how to navigate the user interface, how the MPC workflow differs from other Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs), how to use 3rd-party plugins, and how to work with sequences, tracks, and programs.

Once you have all that essential knowledge under your belt, you dive deeper in the software. You learn about MIDI Learn and expansion packs. You discover how easy it is to create custom drum kits by mixing and matching your own samples with the built-in content. Next, Alex demonstrates different ways to chop loops and rearrange the slices to create your own unique beats. You also learn how to create variation in your arrangements, how to export and share your music, and more...

So whether you use an MPC hardware controller or use the software on the go on your laptop, dive in this 23-tutorial course and learn to make beats the MPC way!

For a full list of the topics covered, see the Tutorial Outline
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