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AudioPedia 107

Editing and Signal Flow

22 videos | 31 minutes | by Joe Albano

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Nov 8th, 2017
AudioPedia 107 Editing and Signal Flow Product Image

The NLE AudioPedia series, our video-based audio encyclopedia, is an invaluable resource for sound engineers, musicians, students, educators and all audio enthusiasts. This seventh installment is about Editing and Signal Flow.

AudioPedia - noun | Au·di·o·Pe·di·a | [aw-dee-oh-pee-dee-uh] An animated, short format video informational resource explaining in plain English all aspects of audio: acoustics, mixing, mastering, recording, digital audio terms, microphones, recording, and more.

Our AudioPedia series is a comprehensive video dictionary of audio terminology. Created by audio expert Joe Albano, this encyclopedia of technical terms is the ultimate audio reference tool. Here are the topics covered and defined in the seventh installment of this authoritative series:

Editing | Automation:

Splicing | Scrubbing
Comp | Comping
Beat-Mapping | Beatmapping
Time-Shifting | Flex | Elastic Audio
Autotune | Auto-Tune | Autotuning
Quantization (Audio)
Automation (Mixing)

Signal Flow:

Console | Mixer | Board | Desk
Channel Strip
Channel Fader
Pan | Pan Pot | Panning
I/O | i/o
Plug-In | Plugin
AudioUnit | AU | VST | AAX
Bussing | Buss | Bus
Send & Return | Parallel Processing
Send | Pre-Fader | Post-Fader
Subgroup | Mix Group | VCA Group
Mix Bus | Stereo Output | Master Fader
Bounce (to Disk)

So join audio expert and trainer Joe Albano and get a deep understanding of audio terminology with the AudioPedia series!

For a full list of the topics covered, see the Tutorial Outline
or click the button below to Preview this tutorial.

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