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Cubase 8 303

Mix Prep: Bass & Drum Tracks

24 videos | 64 minutes | by Eyal Amir

7 Reviews | Submit a Review
Mar 24th, 2015
Cubase 8 303 Mix Prep: Bass & Drum Tracks Product Image

Great mixes begin with solid mix preparation. In this advanced Cubase course, producer Eyal Amir explains how he prepares, quantizes and warps his bass and drum tracks to ensure the tightest, best mixes possible. Check it out!

When rhythm tracks are “locked in” you can feel it. It’s like two hearts beating as one! And when you spend a little more time doing some microscopic editing to get those tracks really synced, you’ll find that real production magic can occur. In this rhythm track mix prep course by famed Producer/Songwriter, Eyal Amir, you learn the tricks of the trade he uses to get a track ready for the final mix. This way a professional mixer can spend time mixing rather than editing!

It always starts with the bass and drums. When those two elements work together, all the other elements often fall right in to place! You learn how to quantize single tracks and multi-tracks. You also learn Eyal’s secrets on how to quantize, warp edit and clean-up all your rhythm tracks so that the mixer, whether it’s you or somebody else, will be able to really make your tracks truly sound their best.

By the time you complete this advanced Cubase course you’ll know how to make your bass and drum tracks so tight that they’ll blend together into a single, forceful fusion of dynamic rhythmic solidarity!

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