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Logic Pro X 302

Flex Time & Time Correction

21 videos | 84 minutes | by Joshua Carney

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May 18th, 2018
Logic Pro X 302 Flex Time & Time Correction Product Image

Logic Pro’s Flex Time is the tool of choice for time-stretching and quantizing audio. Learn everything there is to know about this powerful feature in this course by Logic guru Joshua Carney!

Integrated in Logic Pro X, Flex Time allows you to expand or compress the length of any audio recordings. This is extremely useful for tightening up a musical performance, aligning audio tracks (like vocal harmonies or rhythm guitars), and even for sound design purposes. In this music-driven course, musician, engineer and educator Joshua Carney covers everything you need to master this “flexible” audio editing feature.

Joshua starts by showing you the basics of Flex Time. You learn about the different Flex Time algorithms, and you discover which one to choose for best result, depending on your audio material. Using lots of varied musical examples, from rock guitars to electronic loops, to keyboards, Joshua shows you all the best ways to quantize, slice and align audio without losing the feel of the original performance. You learn the difficult art of quantizing live multitrack drums, you discover how to align vocal tracks, and you even learn how to use Flex Time for sound design effects.

So join Joshua Carney in this course, and get ready to flex you Logic’s muscles! This course is a must view for every Logic users!

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