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Learn about Analog Mastering

Mastering With Piper Payne

12 videos | 111 minutes | by Martin Sitter

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Nov 14th, 2016
Learn about Analog Mastering Mastering With Piper Payne Product Image

Professional mastering engineering Piper Payne discusses mastering and how to use her analog mastering console to master singles and albums.

Learn about Mastering with analog gear from Piper Payne. She is a successful and professional mastering engineer based out of Coast Mastering in Berkeley, CA.

Take a tour of her properly engineered mastering room, top of the line speakers (Meyer), ATR tape machine, Basis turntable with custom VTL phono stage and analog gear by EAR, GML, Rupert Neve, Manley, Maselec and conversion by RADAR and Bricasti, to the computer and everything else...

Learn about key mastering concepts, the mastering business, the equipment involved / needed, what to expect and even watch as she masters a track!

For anyone looking to have their tracks mastered or be a mastering engineer themselves this course is a must watch.

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