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Native Instruments 207

Maschine Quick Start

21 videos | 81 minutes | by Matt Cellitti

35 Reviews | Submit a Review
Aug 19th, 2011
Native Instruments 207 Maschine Quick Start Product Image

Native Instruments’ Maschine is a perfect fusion of hardware and software. See how this amazing hybrid instrument will change the way you make music...

In this first of a series of tutorials by Native Instruments Product Specialist, Matt Cellitti takes you through everything you need to know to get started with Maschine. You’ll get a grand tour of Maschine’s hardware and software interfaces. Here you’ll learn how to set it up, get around and begin making music. This tutorial displays both the software interface and the Maschine controller at the same time so that you get a complete look at how these two integrated pieces work as a unit!

First, Matt explains the software’s different workspaces: the Browser, Arranger, Control and Pattern Editor. You’ll learn how you can efficiently use these software tools to maximize your creativity and workflow. Next he explores the hardware. You’ll learn all the controls on this dynamic desktop instrument and how to perform advanced editing functions and make music using Maschine’s menus, controllers and pads.

Now it’s time to record. You’ll soon understand the ins and outs of recording and performing masterful MIDI patterns in Machine’s unique production interface. Matt goes on to explain the different quantizing algorithms and cool overdubbing techniques.

What about arranging? Matt takes you there in the next section as he shows you all of Maschine’s thoughtfully implemented tools for quickly creating complex arrangements. There’s even a bonus section on automation and creating fills.

If you want to learn about Maschine, then learn it from the best “Maschinist” on the planet! Join Matt Cellitti in this first of a 3-part series, “Maschine Quickstart” and
master this hardware/software hybrid monster in no time flat!

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