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Ableton Live 10 100

What's New in Live 10

15 videos | 42 minutes | by Rishabh Rajan

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Feb 6th, 2018
Ableton Live 10 100 What's New in Live 10 Product Image

Ableton Live 10 is packed with all kinds of cool new toys and features. Ableton Certified trainer Rishabh Rajan is here to show you just what all these new goodies can do in this What’s New course. Oh, by the way it’s FREE from us to you!

We’ve been patiently waiting for the looping maniacs at Ableton to refresh their starship product… and now it’s here: Ableton Live 10. So what’s this new version all about? Is it worth the wait? How does it differ from previous versions? What did they pack into this release that says, “Upgrade Now”!!

Well, there are lots of questions about Live 10 and that’s why we assigned Ableton Certified trainer Rishabh Rajan to answer them all in this FREE 15 tutorial course.

Here are some of the topics that you’ll learn:

-New Interface Explored
-Backups and Undo Explained
-New Collections & Browser Updates
-New Audio Editing Tools
-New MIDI Editing Tools
-New (Awesome) Capture Tool
-New Groups within Groups
-New Automation & Fades Options
-New EQ 8, Split Stereo & Utility Plugins
-New DrumBuss Plugin
-New Echo FX Plugin
-New Pedal FX Plugin
-Max For Live Enhancements
-Cool New Wavetable Synth (We’ve got a whole course on this one!)

So check out this course on Ableton Live and get Rishabh’s take on all this cool new stuff! And be sure to explore our ever-expanding library of Ableton Live courses!

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