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Kontakt 101 - Exploring Kontakt 5 Watch
Ableton Live
Live 9 202 - Live's Effects: Plugged In! Watch
AIR Creative FX 101 - The Production FX Watch
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iZotope Alloy 2 - Mixer's Toolbox Watch
Audio Plug-Ins
Audio Plugins 101 - 10 FREE Synths (That You Can't Live Without) Watch
Audio Plugins 102 - 10 FREE FX Plugins (That You Can't Live Without) Watch
FabFilter 201 - Pro Series Plugins Watch
Tremor - Tremor Explored Watch
Hot Products
Universal Audio - UA Hot Products Watch
iZotope Iris - Iris Explored Watch
Logic Pro
Logic Pro X 301 - Supercharged Processing Watch
Melodyne 201 - Advanced Melodyne Watch
Melodyne 101 - Core Melodyne Watch
iZotope Nectar 2 - Vocal Production Toolbox Watch
Neutron (iZotope)
Neutron 101 - Mixing with Neutron Watch
Pro Tools
Pro Tools 12 201 - The Plug-Ins Explored Watch
Rob Papen
Rob Papen - Predator: Unleashed Watch
iZotope RX 5 - Post Production Suite Explored Watch
iZotope RX 5 - Audio Repair for Musicians Watch
iZotope RX 4 - Audio Repair Toolbox 2 Watch
iZotope RX 3 - Audio Repair Toolbox Watch
Slate Digital
Slate Digital 101 - Slate Digital Explained and Explored Watch
Softube 101 - The Classic Channel Strips Watch
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Solid State Logic
Solid State Logic 101 - SSL Duende Native Watch
Soundtoys 5 101 - Explained and Explored Watch
Soundtoys 101 - Playing With Soundtoys Watch
Stutter Edit
iZotope Stutter Edit - Stutter Edit: Explored Watch
iZotope Trash - Trash 2: Down 'n Dirty Watch
Trilian 101 - Core Trilian Watch
u-he ACE 102 - Any Cable Everywhere Watch
u-he Diva 101 - Diva Demystified Watch
Universal Audio
Universal Audio 101 - UA In Action – Bass and Drums Watch
Universal Audio 102 - UA In Action – RT's Guitar FX Workshop Watch
Universal Audio - UA: All About Compression Watch
Universal Audio 203 - UA Classic Compressors Watch
VocalSynth 101 - Explained and Explored Watch
Waves 301 - Element Explored Watch
Waves Hot Products - GTR Artists Watch
Waves Hot Products - Tips and Tricks Watch
Waves Hot Products - Working with WAVES Tools Watch
Waves Hot Products - Artist Reviews Watch

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