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Studio and Recording Techniques
(The) Art of Audio Recording 101 - Introduction to Recording Watch
(The) Art of Audio Recording 102 - Recording Drums Watch
(The) Art of Audio Recording 103 - Recording Guitars Watch
(The) Art of Audio Recording 104 - Recording Vocals Watch
(The) Art of Audio Recording 105 - Recording Strings Watch
(The) Art of Audio Recording 201 - Dynamics Watch
(The) Art of Audio Recording 202 - Spatial Effects Watch
(The) Art of Audio Recording 203 - EQ Watch
(The) Art of Audio Recording 301 - From Demo to Master Watch
(The) Art of Audio Recording 302 - The Mix Watch
(The) Art of Audio Recording 401 - Touring An SSL Console Watch
Analog Mixing Consoles - Layout, Signal Flow and I/O Watch
Greg Townley 101 - Sonic Dimension in Mixing Watch
Greg Townley 102 - Sonic Dimension: Expanded Watch
Recording The Grand Piano - The Dave Brubeck Sessions Watch
Rich Tozzoli 301 - Producing and Mixing Guitars Watch
Rich Tozzoli 302 - Mix Digital, Sound Analog! Watch
Ableton Live
Live 9 402 - Killer Sound Design Watch
Audio Concepts
Audio Concepts 101 - Audio & Sound Basics Watch
Audio Concepts 102 - Audio Processing Basics Watch
Audio Concepts 103 - Acoustics Watch
Audio Concepts 104 - Delay and Reverb Effects Watch
Audio Concepts 105 - Sound Recording Watch
Audio Concepts 201 - Advanced Audio Editing Watch
Audio Concepts 202 - Mastering In The Box Watch
Cubase 7 404 - Evolution of a Song Watch
Guitar Production
Guitar Production 101 - Pop Arranging Explored Watch
Logic Pro
Logic Pro X 305 - Voiceover Recording and Editing Watch
Logic 402 - Logic's Guitar Recording Toolbox Watch
Logic 7 103 -  S O U N D (and why it sounds that way) Watch
Music Master Classes
Jordan Rudess - Keyboard Wizdom Watch
Pro Tools
Pro Tools 12 302 - Dialog Editing For Film & TV Watch
Reason 7 404 - Recording and Producing Vocals Watch
Revoice 101 - Revoice Pro: Revealed Watch
Song Production
Outside The Box 101 - Vocal Production and Arranging Watch
Outside The Box 102 - Producing Bass Lines Watch
Outside The Box 103 - Electric Guitar Production Watch
Song Production 101 - Producing Indie Electro-Pop Watch
SongCraft 101 - Producing Lauren Balthrop Watch
SongCraft 102 - Producing The End Men Watch
SongCraft 103 - Producing Hired Gun and DJ Boo Watch
SongCraft Presents - Songwriting With Butter The Children Watch
SongCraft Presents 101 - Songwriting With Sean Rowe Watch
SongCraft Presents 102 - Songwriting With Bend Sinister Watch
SongCraft Presents 103 - Songwriting With Ben Sollee and Erin McKeown Watch
SongCraft Presents 104 - Songwriting with Turin Brakes Watch
Sound Design
Sound Design 101 - Diego Stocco's Creative Sound Design Watch
Studio Design and Construction
The Studio Edge 101 - Planning A Recording Studio Watch
The Studio Edge 102 - Constructing and Fine Tuning Your Studio Watch
The Studio Edge 103 - Case Study: The Home Studio Watch
Studio Concepts 501 - Gear and the Physics of Sound Watch

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