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  • Q. How many Library Pass codes will you provide?
  • A. We'll send you 10 Pro Library Pass codes to begin with. Once those are distributed to your members, we'll send you 10 more!
  • Q. How do I distribute the codes?
  • A. You may give away the codes through your members mailing list, or in person.
  • Q. How many times can the same person redeem a code?
  • A. We understand that the same people often return to multiple User Group meetings. However, each group member is allowed to redeem a maximum of 1 code, so please try to ensure an equitable distribution of codes so as many members as possible get a fair chance to try the Online Tutorial Library.

How It Works

macProVideo.com is a leading producer of high quality tutorial-videos that show people how to use popular Mac software. As a company, we are focused on educating our members to help them become better Mac users.

At macProVideo.com, we LOVE User Groups. User Groups like yours are a prime method for new Mac owners to get support and learn new skills. Consequently, we want to work with YOU to help your group members become better computer users.

How Does Sponsorship Work?

We want to sponsor your User Group by providing a 1-Month "Pro Library Pass". This pass provides instant access to macProVideo.com's Online Tutorial Library. By sponsoring your User Group, we are providing an incentive to get more users out to your meetings.

The "Pro Library Pass" holds immense educational value for your members, and it is a prize you can be proud to give away at your meetings or through your mailing list.

Sign Up Today & Get Your Pro-Passes!

Sign up your User Group by filling out the form at the top of this page. Once your group is verified in our system, we'll send you 10 "Pro Library Pass Codes" (value of $25 ea.). You can give them to your members however you wish!

Note: A current User Group website is required to sign-up.

User Group Leader Bonus:

As a User Group leader, we want you to understand what our tutorials are all about. Consequently, we will provide all User Groups with 2 free, NFR passes to the Online Tutorial Library (a $199 / year value - restrictions noted below apply).

Note: To receive the User Group Leader NFR Library Pass, you will need to following:

An email address that uses the same domain provided in the User Group Website field when you signup your User Group. NFR will be provided only after your group is verified and accepted into our User Group System.

What is macProVideo.com?

macProVideo.com is an online education community featuring Tutorial-Videos & Training for popular Audio & Video Applications including Adobe CS, Logic Studio, Final Cut Studio, and more.
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