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5个新的音频编辑功能的iMovie '11

苹果的iMovie中一直定位于消费类视频厂商的市场。但不要让低的价格标签或事实上的iLife是每一台新Mac捆绑免费骗你。当涉及到视频编辑的iMovie '11包一个强大的一拳。几乎每一个编辑功能,可应用于实时,这是足以让硬核Final Cut用户(包括我自己在内)羡慕。

虽然苹果的iMovie '11运动几乎不变的接口,它的前辈,添加额外的功能,以使创建方便和乐趣为任何目的的电影。先进的音频编辑,新的主题,故事板,新的转变,

We here at macProVideo have picked out five of our favorite new audio editing features in iMovie '11 to share with you. These are not necessarily the ones that have generated the most attention, but ones that have made our lives easier!




01 - 你看到的是你所听到的



02 - 快速增益解决方案


正如你可以看到下面的图片中,我增加了音频电平至133%。波形实时更新 - 和进一步的信息是可见的。波形的红色区域警示我们,音频部分可能是剪辑和声音失真。非常有用的,一看便知这个先进的信息!


03 - 音频处理




04 - 所有的事情都是平等的

双击上的音频或个人音频剪辑的视频剪辑显示剪辑督察。选择“音频”选项卡,在iMovie '11中的新功能之一变得很明显。均衡器。您可以打开或关闭均衡器,并选择自定义预设,以提高语音或音乐,减少哼声,推动低音或高音或减少低音或高音。但最令人兴奋的是列入10级图形均衡器,可让您手动调整某些频率的音频频谱。

05 - 极端的音频效果

需要添加你的声音效果,背景声音或音乐?此前GarageBand或其他音频编辑需要,但在iMovie '11中有一些有趣的效果预置,可能会节省您往返。



他们说,视频是三分之二的音频,所以这些增强的音频编辑功能,在iMovie '11,有良好的帮助,因为它看起来你的视频的声音和你的听众留下深刻的印象,它的专业的感觉!

分享您的音频或视频编辑与在下面的评论的iMovie提示,并检查了我们的iLife和OS X系列教程!

Rounik Sethi

Rounik Sethi | Articles by this author

Rounik is the Executive Editor for Ask.Audio & the macProVideo Hub. As an Apple Certified Trainer for Logic (and a self-confessed Mac fanatic) he's taught teachers, professional musicians and hobbyists how to get the best out of Apple's creative software. He has been a visiting lecturer at Bath Spa University's Teacher training program, facilitating workshops on using music and digital media tools in the classroom. If you're looking for Rounik, you'll most likely find him (and his articles) on Ask.Audio & macProVideo.com.


Dec 22, 2010
Thanks for this informative article, Rounik.
Mar 11, 2011
Ed Sanders
Will I-Movie 11 audio allow you to combine the two channels (stereo) into one (mono) and place in on channel one? This can be done with Final Cut Express and is necessay because our Access Channel only plays mono from channel one. If two people are recorded on seperate channels with the Sony DSR250 the person on channel 2 can't be heard except for what the other person's mic picks up. With FCX the wto channels can be combined.
Mar 12, 2011
Hi Ed

If you Sony DSR250 splits the channels in such a way, I'd recommend using Final Cut or Soundtrack Pro (or even Garageband) to get the audio just the way you need it before importing it into iMovie.

Another option is to use a mixer when recording the audio... Not sure if that would be what you'd like if you need to edit the audio in post.

Hope that helps...
Aug 23, 2011
Hi Rounik,
Great presentation. There is only one problem and that is that "What you See is What you Here" isn't always true. There is a bug since at least iMovie 08 with volume fading. It happens sometimes (sporadic) when you use transitions and/or add extra sound effects. I have experienced this on three diffferent macs and I am using the lates version. Any ideas?

Best regards
Aug 24, 2011
Hi Hans,

I've not come across this bug so am not sure what to suggest... What happens if you detach the audio from the video clip?

Aug 24, 2011
Thanks for your quick respons! I will detach the audio from all video clips tonight when I'm home to see what happens. I also would like to add that I use background music and most of the the clips are muted. So at some clips there could be three audio tracks, one original from the clip, one soundtrack and another sound effect. I also mix video clips and photos.

Aug 24, 2011
Thanks Hans.

BTW, what version of OSX are you running? Also, is iMovie'11 completely up to date?

Good luck :)
Sep 06, 2011
Sorry for a late reply. I am using the latest versions of iMovie11 and Leopard. I found one reason why volume drops. I often add a soundtrack to be played in the background. Then I add a sound effect on top and increase the volume on that sound clip. Volume drops on the soundtrack after this. If I then change to the original volume on the "extra" sound clip the soundtrack volume is constant. This seems to be a bug, but now I have at least identified it.

Sep 06, 2011
Hi Hans,

So, you're using OS X 10.5.x Leopard?

It sounds like it might be a bug or alternatively check that the sound effect clip doesn't have "ducking" enabled. This automatically lowers the volume of any other audio tracks playing during the same time. It's a common effect used when a radio presenter talks over the top of music playing...

Mar 15, 2012
thanks, I learned a lot from this article. I have a big problem.

I have been working with a dozen or so movies. The video is set. Audio clips come from several sessions using voiceover and narrative tracks imported from itunes. Everything had been working well until today when I opened imovie11 to continue editing the sound tracks. Most of the sound tracks do not play. The wave forms are viable and can be adjusted. The movie inspector does not show any problems that I can see. Volume is up on all of them, their is no ducking or fade. What could have happened? Can I get the sound to play again and finish the movie?
Thank you for any help.
Nov 13, 2012
I have imported an MP4 clip to Imovie 11. At one point in the clip, the sound track has an extra bit of "silence" and the rest of the sound track is delayed by these few seconds relative to the video.

How can I clip out this offending bit of sound track and bring it back in line without changing anything else?

Possibly very elementary?


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