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如何重新安装或恢复Mac OS X的狮子

今天,我得到了一个新的迅雷的Mac mini,这意味着,它预装OS X的狮子。我的任务是,狮子服务器安装和运行尽快。

在这个过程中,我could't停止思考点和如何简约,环保,包装。哎呀,这个盒子是小于的AirPort Extreme基站,我也得到了。这是因为Mac Mini不会有一个电源砖,基站。




Booting from the Lion Restore Partition.



那么,怎样做才能避免这种世界末日的事件吗?好吧,我不认为我们可以防止硬件故障,比照顾好计算机(即不放弃它)更多。但如果你不幸在驱动器出现故障的情况下,唯一的其他选择将使用一个外部驱动器或DVD。事情是,这2011年的Mac mini有没有光驱。

解决方案: 一个外部驱动器和安装的操作系统的工作副本。

如果一个体面的大小的Time Machine驱动器,你可以从Time Machine和灾难性的内部驱动器出现故障时恢复您的内部驱动器上安装OS X的狮子,你应该能够从外部驱动器启动的Mac。

Time Machine may come in handy to restore from.


现在,如果你没有备用驱动器引导,狮子可以挂载从Internet连接到苹果的服务器(也就是说,如果您的Mac有一个在线的连接,无论是有线或Wi - Fi)还原分区。主要的拖累因素是,它需要一个长时间还原分区从网上下载,如果你是一个缓慢的连接,它可以长一段时间!

要了解Mac OSX的狮子吗? 弗朗切斯科的的Mac OS X(10.7)101 -睿狮系列教程。

Francesco Schiavon

Francesco Schiavon | Articles by this author

It all started with a TSR-80 in the late 80s. At that point it was more a toy than anything else. Since then, my interest in computers materialized with a PS/2 80 while I was in university in Mexico. Before I graduated I already had a couple of Macs, an LC-II and a Centris 660 AV, which was the catalyst to becoming an expert in both QuickTime and using the Mac. During my MBA, and later while attending the Vancouver Film School (VFS), I really learned to learn. Being a professional student at that point I started in the teaching realm as a Teaching Assistant, moving quickly to a part-time instructor position at VFS and soon after a full time position. Also while teaching, I've held a number of managerial positions for web development companies like Blastradius, Donat Group Inc. and later Rouxbe.com as well as working as a freelance consultant, mostly related to digital video deployment. My first tutorial for MPV was made soon afer the company started. Since then I've made a number of tutorials ranging from using OS X to advanced video compression techniques with Compressor and Adobe Media Encoder. Today I teach part time at the Art Institute of Vancouver, create courses for MPV and am always open for business as a freelancer.


Dec 12, 2011
sera o un problema dopo avere installato un accelleratore per i video su yotube non riesco a lavorare con il mac praticamente si accende parte dopo un po cala un velo scuro con un icona quadrata e nel centro l'icona di spegnimento vorrei farvi vedere un immagine ma non so come inviarla .fatemi sapere se c'e' qualcuno che mi puo aiutare grazie.
Dec 13, 2011
Fr Sch
Sorry, for my italian goes only as far as my name.

From what I'm understanding the Mac is just not booting up, right? Try rebooting and holding Cmd+R. This should force the Mac to boot from the Restore Partition that Lion created when you upgraded/installed. If your Mac was sold after Lion shipped, it also should try to go online if the restore partition does not work or load.

Take a look at this tech note from Apple:
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