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让我们面对它,我们大家都陷入困境。我不知道小的问题,“哦,我忘了做一个5分钟的差事... ...”我指的是一个“%




Tired of spending money on such failures, and also just having more lint in my pockets than change, I decided to get creative recently and look for what was readily available.

My answer ultimately was found in the small corner of my Gmail interface online, and it has made things so much easier. With Google tasks, I always have my most important tasks waiting for me, regardless of what computer I'm logged in to. It's also right there in my email... A place I have to check quite frequently!







G.W. Childs IV

G.W. Childs IV | Articles by this author

Sound Designer, Musician, Author... G.W. Childs has worn many hats. Beginning in the U.S. Army back in 1991, at the age of 18, G.W. began learning electronics, communications and then ultimately audio and video editing from the Department of Defense. Upon leaving the military G.W. went on to work for many exciting companies like LucasArts, Lucasfilm, Propellerheads, Cakewalk, Midway, MTV. With all of these exciting companies he's either worked as an editor, or sound designer, even sometimes as an actor. G.W. is currently working as an author for Cengage Publishing. He has written the titles 'Creating Music and Sound for Video Games', 'Rewire: Skill Pack', and 'Using Reason on Stage: Skill Pack'. As a musician G.W. has played for years in the band Soil & Eclipse on COP International Records. Additionally, he's worked as a remix artist for acts like Gene Loves Jezebel, Ray Charles, James Brown, Chiazm, Razed in Black, and more.


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