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Live 9 409 - Remixing Froya.
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  • 1

    What would be the ideal oscillator shape for recreating retro 90's video game sounds?

  • 2

    Which Kontakt source mode can make a voice sound vocoded?

  • 3

    Is it possible to modulate the Ableton AutoFilter Cutoff with an LFO?

  • 4

    The Mac Mail application sound effects can be used as a replacement for risers. True or false?

  • 5

    Is it possible to have nested track groups in Ableton?

  • 6

    A looping envelope can be used as an alternative to _____?

  • 7

    What synthesis technique does the Cloud Filter in Absynth use?

  • 8

    Its always a good idea to level match when comparing processed vs. unprocessed. True or false?

  • 9

    What effects can be added to an FM8 sound to make it more analog sounding?

  • 10

    Having two synths playing the same part an octave apart and panned left & right creates a wider stereo image. True or false?

  • 11

    Why would you add a high pass filter on the delay aux track?

  • 12

    What audio effect was used to add ‘buzz' to the coin sound in the Outro?

  • 13

    What is the most common parameter that is automated on a snare in Future Bass music?

  • 14

    PWM can be created with two sawtooth waves. True or false?

  • 15

    What is the name of the artist who's song is being remixed in this course?

  • 16

    Adding locators can help indicate different sections of a tune. True or false?

  • 17

    What synth was used to create the harmonized lead sounds in the bridge section?

  • 18

    Which warp mode would be best used to get a clean transposition on vocals?

  • 19

    Layering 2 bass sounds an octave apart can fill up the low end really well. True or false?

  • 20

    In this remix, what type of sound was used as a filler or transitional effect?

  • 21

    How was the choppy effect on the lead vocal created?

Live 9 409
Remixing Froya
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