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Cubase 9 101 - Absolute Beginner's Guide.
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  • 1

    What icon should you click on in the Inspector to reveal the VST Instrument control panel?

  • 2

    Which key on the keypad is used for RECORD?

  • 3

    What is the key command to Quantize a selected event(s)?

  • 4

    What handles are found at the top of an audio event?

  • 5

    Where do you find the Inspector tab?

  • 6

    The six tabs at the top of the Hub contain mostly what?

  • 7

    Which key command enables/disables Auto-Scroll?

  • 8

    VST Instruments usually have their own effects enabled. (True or false?)

  • 9

    MIDI events cannot overlap. (True or false?)

  • 10

    Depending of the width of the Right Zone, the Home button might turn into what icon?

  • 11

    What are the two types of VST Instruments in the Right Zone?

  • 12

    What tabs will you find in the Inspector?

  • 13

    Which monitoring method provides zero latency?

  • 14

    What does the acronym ‘ASIO' stand for?

  • 15

    What is another name for VST Instruments?

  • 16

    Other than faders, what else can you view in the Lower Zone MixConsole?

  • 17

    Which ports on an external instrument must be connected to your audio interface?

  • 18

    In which MediaBay category will you find pre-recorded drum beats?

  • 19

    Which quantize setting allows you to retain some of the human timing?

  • 20

    Which transport controls can be placed on any connected monitor?

  • 21

    What is the name of the Sampler track library that comes with Cubase?

  • 22

    What are the key commands for zooming in and out?

  • 23

    Which key command turns on Solo on the selected track?

  • 24

    Which key command opens/closes the full MixConsole?

  • 25

    Which key on the keypad is used to move the cursor to the Left Locator?

Cubase 9 101
Absolute Beginner's Guide
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