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Guitar Production 202 - Pedalboard Setups Explored.
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  • 1

    Frequencies boosted into Distortion will be more…

  • 2

    True or false? A Faux-Leslie effect can be achieved with a Modulation Pedal and a Tremolo Pedal.

  • 3

    Long cables cause capacitance issues. True or false?

  • 4

    True or false? You can use a Delay pedal on drums to create Delay Throws.

  • 5

    Placing a Tuner after Modulation makes it difficult to track…

  • 6

    Expression pedals allow you to make __________ changes.

  • 7

    Reverb is typically placed ______ in the chain.

  • 8

    Modulation after Distortion can be used to ________ the sound.

  • 9

    An Amplifier’s FX Loop comes...

  • 10

    What is another name for Ping Pong delays?

  • 11

    What is the prime culprits of noise in a pedal chain?

  • 12

    Many effects used in guitar pedals originated with the…

  • 13

    Envelope Filters are __________ devices.

  • 14

    All guitar pedals can only output mono. True or False?

  • 15

    To stack subdivisions, set each Delay Pedal to a different...

  • 16

    What is an alternative name for a guitar pedal?

  • 17

    For a tight, wide ambience, pan each Pedal ______ right and left.

  • 18

    Guitar pedal cables use ____ jacks.

  • 19

    What type of batteries is typically used in guitar pedals?

  • 20

    True or false? The ordering of Reverb and Delay is not that significant.

  • 21

    Jeopardy time! Find the question that belongs to this answer: "The amount of room before clipping occurs."

  • 22

    How can you attach pedals to a pedalboard?

  • 23

    A Pad sound can be created with ______, Reverb & Modulation Pedals.

  • 24

    What are the first pedals in the proposed starting chain?

  • 25

    Which of the following statement is true?

Guitar Production 202
Pedalboard Setups Explored
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